Wood Chips for Smoking Food

Smo-King Ovens stocks wood chips for smoking food to suit the various types of smoke generator fitted to our own smoke oven range and for smoke generators fitted to most other smoke ovens. The wood chips are prepared in Europe and approved for food processing. The wood chips are suitable for hot and cold smoking meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

We also stock wood pellets imported from the USA where they have been prepared for use in pellet fired smokers used for the increasingly popular American style BBQ.

To purchase either wood chips for smoking food or pellets, place an enquiry on our web site or contact us by email or phone.

1 bag 10 bags+ Pallet (30-40 bags) Of a single grade
European Beech 15kg bag $ $ $
SMO3 3mm 35.60 31.60 18.00
SMO6 6mm 35.60 31.60 18.00
SMO12 12mm 35.60 31.60 18.00
Oak 15kg bag 1 bag 5 bags Pallet
SMO6E 6mm 40.95 37.65 POA

Note: we can also provide prices for full container loads delivered to your premises

Wood Pellets Specially Prepared for Food Processing

Product Net Price per bag ex factory Silverwater
Pellets 9kg bag 1 bag 10 bags + Pallet
(45 or 91 bags) Of a single species
Hickory pellets 37.00 28.00 19.30
Oak pellets 37.50 28.50 19.80
Fruit wood pellets 42.00 35.00 24.30
Mesquite pellets 42.00 35.00 24.30

Important Note:

The above prices do not include GST. A 10% GST will be added to all prices and should be able to be claimed as an input tax credit by eligible businesses.