Meat Processing Equipment

Our extensive range of meat processing equipment manufactured in the USA and Europe includes commercial meat slicers and depositors for slicing and applying, pickle injectors for curing ham, bacon and corned meat, ovens for smoking and cooking and interleaving, stacking and counting equipment to load a defined number of portions into a packaging tray.

The Swiss made pickle injectors have unique features to control injection quantity, reduce brine splash and for ease of wash down and cleaning.

Commercial meat slicers are used for slicing uncooked or cooked whole muscle meat or manufactured products and as meat depositors for targeting slices into meal packaging trays, onto pizza crusts and sandwich bread.

Ovens for Hot & Cold Smoking

As well as our wide range of overseas made equipment, we also sell smoke ovens which are designed and manufactured by us in Australia. Close to two thousand of our smoke ovens are in use by meat processors worldwide. Our clients include fish processors, retail butchers, specialty food processors and restaurants who use our ovens for hot and cold smoking as well as convection and steam cooking of fish, vegetables, poultry, meats, pastries, pizzas, pies and pasta. Our smoke ovens are increasingly being used for producing American BBQ products.

Follow the links for full details of our range of commercial meat slicers, pickle injectors and meat depositors and contact us on our web site, by email or by phone to discuss your requirements for meat processing equipment.

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